Tuesday, November 20

4 months old ...

Sarah is just the cutest thing. Sometimes we find ourselves just watching her bat around at her toys, or chew on her fingers and we can't help but say, "She is so cute!"

She is able to prop herself up on her tummy and likes this new vantage point ... at least for a little while. She loves her older brother and sister and they can make her smile and laugh like no one else! 

I think she may be working on cutting her first tooth because she drools constantly and chews on her fingers. She is a little extra cranky too... fun, fun FUN!! 

We love you Sarah!!! 

Wednesday, November 14

My cuties...

Sometimes I take pictures just because... this happened to be one of those day. It was about 4:30pm and I randomly said... hey, let's go outside and take some pictures before the sun goes down! 

We had a lot of fun!!! 

Monday, November 12

Sarah Elizabeth - 3-1/2 months!!!

It was windy and chilly this morning... so I bundled her up in some warm clothes. She looked so cute I couldn't resist getting a couple of pictures of her. 

She seems to love the camera! PLUS, her brother and sister dancing around behind and next to me definitely helped! 

I love this sweet girl so much! 

Tuesday, October 23

Pumpkin Patch!!

A couple weeks ago Danior and Jonah woke up at 4:30am and headed out to the farm (Jonah in full costume) to be in the background at the farm in a news broadcast. For going they got us free tickets to the farm ($12 each), 25 tickets for rides and games, and a free $15 pumpkin voucher! Last Saturday we made it out to the farm as a family and had a BLAST!!! 

The kids loved this corn labyrinth. It was essentially a huge spiral shape where the kids could run through. 

After the fun in the labyrinth we headed over to the "launching bay" where the kids got to shoot corn from a canon and launch tomatoes with a sling shot! 

We happened to go on Cowboy weekend -- which was FUN! The kids got to use a real cowboy rope to wrangle some cattle. 

Then we had a blast getting lost in the corn maze. We kept hitting dead end after dead end. Finally we found a map and we were able to make it out. 

After trying out a couple of things we headed out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins! 

Honestly... this is the best shot of the three of them I could get. Boy is it hard getting them all to not only look at the camera, but to look happy while doing it too! 

We had a great time at the farm/pumpkin patch. Grandma and Grandpa came along for most of the trip and it was so fun getting to spend some time out with them!! 

We all went home thoroughly exhausted. So fun!! 

Monday, October 22

3 months already...

Sarah is absolutely the cutest baby in the world -- not that I'm biased or anything! 

But seriously... how cute is she!?! Her big brother just adores her!! 

Thursday, October 11

Ahoy Matey!

This little pirate couldn't wait until Halloween this year to try on his costume! I jumped at the chance to have some fun with my fancy schmancy camera! 

Seriously... this guy is a natural at having his picture taken. He did his own thing and I just snapped pictures! Too cute ... ummm... I mean, arh! 

Monday, October 1

The weather was nice so ...

... we went to the beach!


Recent Pictures ...

Ya well... I couldn't think of a better title for this post ... sorry for the lack of creativity!