Monday, November 5

Toys, toys, toys!

Rebekah discovered she could see all her toys if she dumped the toy box. It was fun to watch her "crawl" over to the box and dump it. I guess that's one way to get the toy you want when its in the bottom of the box.
Since then this has become her favorite game. She can dump her box of toys faster than we can pick them all up and put them in the box. It seems like she has more fun watching us pick up her toys and then dumping the box than she does actually playing with the toys.


Jen Lynn said...

She's so cute and at one of the cutest stages. I remember watching Eli all day long and loving every minute of it. My dad sent me your page address - hope you don't mind if I watch it grow.

Emma said...

Time sure flies! Trick-or-treating with babies is the always get more candy!!