Friday, March 7

Is this even legal?

Well... we have been having ongoing problems with our refrigerator... and while the manager of our apt. has been very accomodating, we just couldn't take another visit from Ed (the repairman). So, we convinced the management company to buy us a new fridge. Yay!
The fridge company was supposed to come deliver between 1pm and 4pm today (don't you love those windows of time where people are supposed to come do stuff-- you are stuck at home, just waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and you are lucky if they make it by 4pm). Well, 10:00am rolls around, and who shows up? Yes, the fridge guys... go figure!!! Unfortunately I wasn't expecting them until at least 1pm, so my fridge was still full and piled with stuff on top, so... they fridge guys brought in my new fridge, and plunked it down in the middle of my living room. Yup, you read that right, I'm holding my 11 mo. old, her toys strewn all over the room, and where did they leave it? THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM!!!

So, I cleaned off the top of my fridge, pushed the new fridge over to the side of the room, and decided to open it up and see what surprises lay inside.... when Rebekah crawls over and climbs inside. I go to get my camera because, as a parent, I naturally think "it is sooo cute". I sit there on the floor taking pictures of her in the new fridge thinking to myself... "what would child services think of this?"

At least I have a new fridge... still in the living room (but plugged in) and Rebekah has a new jungle gym!!


Bren said...

What a cool toy you got for RL. How are any of us supposed to top that?

Michael said...

I think you should have closed the door so we could all finally find out what happens on the inside of that crazy box when the lights are out!!!!!

Russell Family said...

How cute! I love her pigtail!! She's just so cute!