Saturday, April 5

Hooray for Disneyland

Thursday April 3 Danior, Rebekah, and I went to Disneyland. We met up with Gina, Devon, and Janet for a fun filled day of Disney doing.

Rebekah went on the carousel for the second time in her life. She lasted longer this time than before. The picture on the left is her clinging to Danior because she wants off of her horse. On the Left is Danior and Rebekah after the ride is over. Rebekah looks much happier now.

Rebekah was posing outside the carousel while we tried to decide what ride to go on next. It was a mighty bright day outside (as you can tell) She loved playing in all the ropes, chains, and fences, especially while we were waiting in line.

We waiting in line to see Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. Rebekah was so excited when she saw Pooh.... she pointed and said "Pooh!" She couldn't take her eyes off him as we waited in line, but when it was our turn, she seemed unsure about him. He must look different up close, I guess. I don't think she recognized Eeyore either, but it was fun to see her pointing and saying "pooh" since that seems to be her favorite word. Everything is "pooh", but this time, she was right!

After Winnie the Pooh we waited for the Parade of Dreams. We fed Rebekah lunch and had about 20 minutes before the parade began... we should have known better than to think the Rebekah would be entertained sitting in her stroller for that long. Danior took her for a walk around the bench. She loved being able to walk around a little bit and to try and suck on the metal fence... yuck!!

Once the parade reached us, Rebekah was totally excited. She didn't wave at anyone like I thought she might, but instead just stared at the floats and the dancers, almost mesmorized. (I'm not sure who the lady is in the pink, but she looks like she is enjoying the parade too)


Jennie said...

That looks and sounds like it was so much fun!!!

Bren said...

At least she got it right this time. After all that practicing, she was able to find the "real" pooh. I want to go to Dland!

Emma said...

Hurrah for Disneyland. Cosette was looking at the Disney pictures with me and asked to go back. I'm glad Rebekah had a good time.