Thursday, May 15


I had my first ultrasound today. My wonderful mom came with us to help keep RL under control. Thanks mom... I couldn't have done it without you. Between feeling so incredibly sick to my stomach and laying on the bed waiting for the doc to come in, I could not have stopped RL from getting into the trash, the biohazardous disposal container, the cupboards, the computer equipment, and trying to climb on the chair.
Well, here is the update from the doc. My due date was confirmed as Dec. 23rd (Merry Christmas) which puts me at 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. I got a prescription for the nausea, but it only works so much. Poor RL has no one to play with all day because mom spends most of the day laying on the couch trying not to feel so sick. So, if anyone wants to come over and play... she'd love it!!!
On the ultrasound... if you can see it, the baby is the fuzzy white splotch in the center of the black heart shaped area. The top of the baby is it's bottom (that sounds confusing) and the bottom is the head. On the left of the splotch is a white fuzzy line, the umbilical cord. Technology really has come a long way huh? I can see my very own baby splotch. Hee hee.
The ultrasound went well and there were some very good, clear (well, as clear as can be) shots of little baby splotch, but of course this is the one the doc printed. Go figure.


Bren said...

Thanks for the update and the post. I was trying to remember what we called RL when she was just a ultrasound...I can't remember..

Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Congratulations! I bet Danior is so excited! It is so hard being pregnant and feeling sick when you have another child to take care of isn't it? Good luck with that Christmas baby. Brynna was born on the 27th of December. It makes for a very expensive time of year.

Tera and Family

Robert and Suzanne said...

The baby looks like you. Again, having a Christmas baby does not mean you don;t have to get me presents.


Laura said...

anytime you need to just relax, bring rebekah on over to my house. i am totally serious - chase would love the company.