Friday, June 20

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!

We were all going to be busy for Father's Day this year, so we decided to celebrate a week early. We told my dad that we were going to celebrate on June 7, but we didn't tell him what we were doing. A couple days before the event, Brenda sent out an e-vite explaining where we were meeting and what the attire was for the evening. Based on that, my dad thought of three places we might be going: 1.) The Comedy Club 2.) Medievil Times and 3.) The Magic Castle. Luckily the Magic Castle was last on his list because you need a special pass to get in and you have to get the pass from someone who is a member of the exclusive Magic Club.
So, we met at my parent's house, and drove to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. He was totally surprised. It had been on his guess list, but he really doubted we were going there. I'm glad it was at least 3rd on his list and not 1st. My dad is an incredible guesser. He always guesses all his Christmas presents before he opens them (which drives us nuts because we can never surprise him). That made the fact that he was a little surprised about going there a BIG deal.
We had a blast. The food was way overpriced, but we had fun being together as a family and enjoying spending time with our Dad.
Dad- I hope you had a good time. Don't expect something this extravegant (sp?) every Father's Day though... after what this one cost it will take us another couple years to save up!

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Bren said...

The Mac & Cheese was good.