Friday, June 20

Need a Kleenex?

So, I suppose I should know better then to leave Rebekah unattended for a couple minutes. I was doing dishes and she was being quiet... a little too quiet. I turn around and this is what I found. She promptly offered me a piece of a kleenex (she is so thoughtful).

Maybe Danior and I should consider getting her a Kleenex box for her 2nd Birthday and letting her just pull out all the tissues. We just have to teach her how to clean it all up.. that's the next step.

So, next time you are over, don't worry about the way the tissues are all stuffed in the kleenex box, just thank Rebekah for checking them to make sure they were all okay before you used them.


Jennie said...

Catherine likes to do the same thing with the diaper wipes. Its amazing what they find interesting.

Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Whoever said that silence is golden,obviously never had small children. Silence is trouble!!! Good luck when there are two to find mischief together!


Bren said...

Quality checks are always important.

ewood said...

I love it! She'll do it over and over too, if you let her!