Monday, July 28

Staff Appreciation Day

My company took our SoCal staff for a 'Staff Appreciation Day'. We went on a harbor cruise (the ominous three hour tour...) in Long Beach on the party boat 'Caroline'. It got pretty wild as far as auditors go, as you'll see in the pictures.

our chariot awaits

you can almost feel the anticipation... we tried hard to contain ourselves... you don't want to appear to anxious you know

we're all excited to get out of the office for the day

the joy can hardly be contained

the boys

soaking up some sun

Jean is grateful for dramamine

Kevin and Melissa enjoying the tour and the company

this is literally the wildest thing that happened (and you thought auditors wouldn't have any fun)

Jim: Our fearless leader and the man who paid for all this. We now officially feel appreciated. Thanks Jim!

A good time was had by all. And unlike the last company outing to the sea...nobody got sick!


Jennie said...

Wow, looking through those pictures was sad. It almost looked like they were bummed out they had to go on the cruise and would have rather been working.

Leanne said...

that's funny.

danior said...

Jennie - We auditors are a strange breed, but we really did have a good time. My poor photography just didn't capture the excitement.

Russell Family said...

I love your dry sense of humor!!!

So, you guys are definitely 'Psych' and 'The Office' fans, right???

Bren said...

Those pictures were so funny! Nice write-up. I am glad you feel appreciated. What a cool boss.