Tuesday, September 30

A Day at the Office...

Friday the 26th Rebekah and I took a field trip to visit Danior at work. He has been working downtown at the Los Angeles County buildings auditing some of their various departments.

It took us about an hour and a half to drive down to the office where we picked up Danior to help us find somewhere to park. Then we walked back to the county building passing the Cathedral and City Hall. I have never been down there to see any of those buildings, so I felt like a tourist gawking (sp?) at all the buildings you always see on the news.

We got to see the basement room where Danior spends his 10 hours a day at work. Rebekah climbed up into his chair and grabbed the calculator... she was ready to be put to good use. While there we visited his co-workers, making the rounds to the 2 floors the auditors were spread out on.

After helping Daddy pack up his stuff, Rebekah waited while Mom used the security guarded bathroom (one of the joys of pregnancy). Then we walked back to the car, loaded ourselves up and spent another almost 2 hours in the car to make it to Orange County where we met Danior's family for dinner to celebrate Dalen's birthday.
One of the downsides of being 7 months pregnant is that my feet (and just my overall body) don't take well to lots of walking. We parked at Disneyland, walked a couple blocks to the restaurant, then walked back to Disneyland to take a couple family photos since the whole family was able to attend the birthday festivities. I was feeling pretty wiped out after the long day, so we didn't stay much longer. It's unfortunate, but I don't think we will make it back to Disneyland until the baby is born.


Bren said...

I have a confession to make. I also let her drive your car. She really liked that. She was so cute pushing all the buttons and trying to fix the radio.

I am not surprised about the calculator considering Danior keeps one on her changing table, hidden in the diapers. Maybe you should speak with him.

Robert and Suzanne said...

If Danior is smart, he won't have any marking pens at work she can grab. Rebekah is too much like her mom who, with her sister, once drew all over my office wall.