Monday, September 15

A rough day...


Today Rebekah had her 18 month check-up at the Doctor. I wasn't sure if she was getting shots this time or not, so we went not really knowing what to expect. Little did we know it would turn in to such an adventure. We waiting in the waiting room watching the goldfish in the giant fish tank until they called our name.
We go in and get checked out. Rebekah is a little over 35 inches tall and weighs 26 lbs. The Dr. says she is doing great. Then he tells us she is getting her first dose of the Hepatitus A vaccine. I'm thinking, bummer, but RL does really good with her shots, so she should be fine. Then he breaks the REALLY bad news.... Rebekah needs to get a blood test done. I'm thinking, no problem, they'll prick her finger or her foot, no big deal. OH NO.... boy was I wrong. We have to go down to the lab so they can draw blood from her arm.
So, she cries after her shot, the poor thing.. and the nurse gets her some Tylonel to help. Then we take the elevator down stairs to the lab. There were at least 20 people in line and no chairs. In my current condition (6 months pregnant) I think standing for that long would not be a great idea. So, we opt to try the other lab in hopes that either the line is shorter or there are open chairs. We were very fortunate in that there were still a couple open chairs and only 13 people ahead of us.
I think the shock of the shot kept her calm in her stroller for the 15 minutes we waited to be seen. Then they call our number and we head in to the blood drawing room. Poor Rebekah had no idea what was coming. When the blood-drawing people (b/c I have no idea how to spell flabotomists?) learned that it was for her and not me, they all looked at each other trying to figure out who the lucky one was who got to take blood from a toddler. I held her tight as the nurse stuck her with the butterfly and drew her blood. Who knew that they take blood from babies the same way they do us... I certainly didn't.
She did really well throughout the ordeal and even managed to keep her cotton ball and bandage on for a while. She slept a little in the car on the way home and I put her in her bed when we got home b/c she was still asleep. I had about 10 minutes of peace before she woke up crying. Her usual naptime waking up routine is as follows:
1. Wake up and cry
2. Search through the stuffed animals while crying to find at least the best 2 (one of them is usually Winnie the Pooh)
3. Take the stuffed animals (at least 2) to the bookshelf, and while crying look through the books for a good one
4. While crying, walk down the hallway to wherever mom or dad is carrying the stuffed animals (at least 2 sometimes more) and book (at least one sometimes more)
5. Only stop crying once mom or dad has picked you up and you are being held while holding all the above mentioned items.

Well, today was no exception. She came strolling out with Pooh, Tigger, and 2 books. Then we had lunch and worked on going down for a nap. After about an hour and a half of trying to get her to go to sleep, and two bottles of milk, I was at a loss as to what to do. She was super tired, but wouldn't stay in her bed. So, it may have been mean of me, but I put up the baby gate and decided that she will either play with books/animals, cry her head off, or go to sleep. She cried for 15 minutes. Once the crying stopped I went in to see if she was alright and I found this:
She had fallen asleep against the baby gate in the doorway and the wall. The was clutching two stuffed animals (a bear from grandma and grandpa from the Carribbean and Roberta-- a stuffed lamb from grandpa), and a Winnie the Pooh book from Sharon. I hope this doesn't make me a mean mom, but I am glad she finally got some sleep. I would have moved her to her bed, but I am under strict orders from my OB not to pick her up, so on the floor she stayed. She only slept for about 30-45 minutes until the trash trucks outside woke her up. At least she got some sleep.


Bren said...

Sometimes, it has to be done. At least it was only 15 minutes worth of crying. And plus she had Roberta.

Leanne said...

Seriously. She needs sleep. Mine screams for 1/2 hour to and hour sometimes. I think you get "meaner" when you have more than one. You'll get over it, and realize that they just have to sleep...and you need the quiet. Love the baby doll.

Robert and Suzanne said...

I find it really strange that the goldfish called your name. Sure sounds like Grandpa picks out the best things for little RL

M. Sperber said...

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Or maybe not something quite as long.
You are doing a great job. She is a great kid. Wish she was more comfortable with me. I know that she likes me, enjoys playing with me but not at all interested in being alone. Thanks to you and Danior for giving me another shot with kid #2.