Sunday, January 4

The last week...

Well.... week 1 is over. I think there was only one night when Danior and I were up with two crying kids that I started crying and wondering if I could do this. Luckily, things have quieted down. Rebekah had a couple nights where she didn't get up at all, and Jonah is going for almost 4 hours at night without waking up and needing to be fed. (Yay for mom and dad!)
Rebekah LOVES her little brother. She refers to him as "baby". She loves to touch his hands and give him kisses. Whenever he cries she comes running in to say, "Kay, baby" (translation, "it's okay baby"). Sometimes she just likes to watch him wiggle and squirm as he tries to wake up. Here is a cute pic of my two babies!

It's funny how having a newborn in the house makes Rebekah seem like such a big girl. Not only in size, but in every aspect. She loves to help out and bring me pillows, blankets, and clean up (sometimes). She is talking soooo much. She is so independent compared to little Jonah.
Yesterday I decided I was having some major cabin fever, so we decided to try and venture out. I know... Jonah isn't even a week old and we are taking him out in public already. We had high ambitions to go to Babies 'R Us, Target, Costco, and Vons. (I'm sure that any of you with more than one kid -- and even those without -- can imagine what actually happened. It went something like this:
- We ate lunch thinking that we would leave when lunch was
- Rebekah and Danior are enjoyin their pizza while I am
feeding Jonah.
- We figure we better get everything ready so that when Jonah
is done eating we can leave (to make the best of the window of time we would
- Jonah finishes lunch, I put him in the carrier.
-The diaper bag is packed and ready to go, Rebekah finishes
-Danior and I get shoes on, and bring out our new double
stroller to give it a try on our trip out.
-While getting the stroller, Rebekah climbs onto the couch and
grabs a cup that was perched on the ledge.
-She then spills the cup (not knowing there was water in it)
and when she realizes there is more water, makes sure that it gets completely
empties onto the couch.
-Danior and I grab a towel to clean up the mess.
-Then we have to figure out how to get the stroller open and
load up the kids (luckily, Jonah is sleeping, so he was the easy one)
-We make sure we have our gift cards, and finally make it out
to the car.
All in all what would normally have taken us about 10 min. to do with just Rebekah, took us about 45 minutes to do with her and Jonah.
After all that, we made it to Babies 'R Us in Calabasas, and Rebekah's diaper had leaked all over her pants. Of course, we didn't have extra clothes with us, so luckily we were at BBRUS and could buy her some new pants. We finished shopping, and decided to stop by my parents house to feed kids and change diapers. My parents graciously offered to watch the kids so Danior and I could run to Target and get the items we needed. By the time we got back from Target, we had to hurry and get the kids in the car so that we could make it home in time to meet Sharon, who was bringing us dinner.

By the time we got home, this is what our kids looked like.

I guess all the shopping had really worn them out.
Danior and I had a nice dinner just the two of us, and cleaned house a little before they woke up. It was a fun adventure. Thank goodness Danior is taking next week off work... I don't know if I'm up for all that on my own yet.


Jen Lynn said...

I was always amazed at the difference in diapers (and parts) when a new baby came.

Gigi said...

You wore me out just READING about your adventures! Wow. And that was just 1 afternoon!

Glad to hear Rebekah is such a big help and loves her little brother.


Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Isn't it crazy how adding another little person doesn't just double the work, but atleast triples it? Don't worry, you'll get into the hang of it, and then you'll never even remember how hard it was! I think we just get so tired we forget about how tired we really are!


Suzanne Shisley said...

You just bring those sweet kids over anytime you need to go shopping and we will happily give you a little freedom!
I love the story about how long it took to get out the door! Somehow, I'm not surprised. I like your friend Tera's comment. Smart woman.

Bren said...

I think you should think twice about a third anytime soon. Just read your blog a few times to remember. We want to babysit!!!!!

Russell Family said...

Wow, you're freaking me out, but I'm sure it will get better. Only 2 stores in the end, huh?

I suppose as the kids get older we forget how difficult the first year was when they were completely dependent on us...

Lexie Lantz said...

Your kids are so adorable.... I'm glad we found your blog now we can keep better up to date on you guys! :) Congratulations

Leanne said...

it honestly took me 6 months to adjust to having two kids. I really do hope it is smoother for you. your little guy is pretty cute!