Tuesday, January 13

When life gives you lemons ...

Or should I say, when Sharon gives US lemons... we make lemonade. On Sunday we got a huge bag of lemons from Sharon so yesterday we decided to make lemonade. I had the kids all to myself yesterday because Danior went back to work. It wasn't too bad, and luckily I had an open mind and a good attitude about it... otherwise it would have been bad. Rebekah refused to nap, which meant I didn't get my nap. In the late afternoon Rebekah and I decided to use the lemons to make some lemonade.

Rebekah brought lemons from the bag to the kitchen and put them in a big bowl. Then we got out the step ladder and she washed them all.
Here she is showing off a lemon. We put her apron on to try and keep her from getting too wet... hey, at least we tried, right?

Once all the lemons were rinsed, I cut and juiced them while Rebekah played with some measuring cups and her lemons in the water. After each lemon was juiced, I tossed the halves into the sink.

My little girl decided to try the lemons. She would take bites out of the rine, suck on it, them spit it back out in the sink. Then she realized she could fill up the lemon half with water and use it as a little cup.

By the time all the lemons had been juiced, the sink, counter, step ladder, floor, and all of Rebekah's clothes were soaked. Good thing Dad walked in from work shortly before the juicing was done... he had clean up duty. He took Rebekah and gave her a bath while I fed Jonah.
All in all, we had a great day together, and the lemons were a huge hit!!!


Suzanne Shisley said...

So amazingly cute!

M. Sperber said...

I remember her first lemon ever!!! That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Well that and the look on your face when you were handed pumpkin pancakes.