Friday, March 20

{ Couponing }

If you are looking to save some $$ why not start with coupons!!?? There are so many great deals out there and even if you don't become a coupon nut there is still money to be saved. I have compiled a list of some great coupon-ing websites that you can feel free to check out anytime!

I am starting this week to be a better couponer and if I come across any great deals, I will share!!! - coupon basics, printable coupons - coupons to add directly to your vons/ralphs/pavilions cards - save on local businesses in your area - discount codes for online shopping - printable manufacturer coupons - printable manufacturer coupons - printable manufacturer coupons - printable and grocery card coupons - will send you coupons - great overall deals, coupons, and suggestions - great overall deals, coupons, and advice

Now that you have your coupons... here is where to go to find out the best ways to use them!! - a great site for some overall deals and coupon basics info - weekly specials and grocery deals - know when to use coupons - know when to use coupons

*All of these websites have links to lots of other coupon websites. Feel free to browse!

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