Friday, March 13

Rebekah's 2nd Birthday!

Thursday, March 12, was Rebekah's birthday. We decided to take her to Disneyland to celebrate her special day. It's hard to believe that she is already 2! We made sure to get her a Birthday Button when we got into the park. All the cast members made sure to wish her a Happy Birthday, and she loved her button.

She lasted in the stroller (which, we love our double stroller) for about 20 minutes... then she watned out and ended up walking the other 8 hours we were there. Needless to say, she was pretty tuckered by the end of the day.

Jonah spent most of the day sleeping, waking up every once in a while to eat something. We thought he looked like a little skater kid with the bill of his hat flipped up, what do you think?

Rebekah's cousin Monroe and Aunt Lisa were planning on coming to Disneyland and when we called and told them we were there they met up with us. Since it was Rebekah's birthday, we decided to wait in line to see the Princesses. We waited about 45 minutes, but it was worth it to see Rebekah's face as she met each princess.

She was a little shy with Snow White, but started warming up to her about the time we took this picture. (Thanks Lisa for taking the pics for me!)

Next was Sleeping Beauty. Rebekah was a little bit more excited to meet her than she was to see Snow White. But, by far, her absolute favorite princess was...

CINDERELLA! She was the only princess that Rebekah gave a hug to.

We got a picture of the two princesses in training with Cinderella. Rebekah had a hard time leaving her. I had to pick her up and take her... and even then, she was crying saying, "C-Rella, hug and kiss".

After visiting the princesses we decided to check our Pixie Hollow, where you can meet Tinkerbell. The line wasn't too long, so that was good.

This is Rebekah with Fawn. (I haven't seen the Tinkerbell movie, but Monroe tried to fill me in on all the characters, and I think this is the pixie over the animals??)

Then we met Tinkerbell. Rebekah was really shy until she saw Monroe give Tinkerbell a hug. Then she wanted to give Tinkerbell a hug too. Lisa got a great picture of the hug. When I get it from her I'll post it up here (for those of you who want to copy my pics).

After visiting all the characters it was time for a snack break. Rebekah and Monroe got ice cream to share. Looks delicious, doesn't it?

The only ride we went on, besides the carousel (that she didn't enjoy very much) was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster ride. Danior took her on it while I got us pizza for dinner, then I took her on the ride while Danior ate his pizza. She was so excited that after the ride, she squished me!

We had a fantastic time at Disneyland and I think it was definitley her best birthday yet (which isn't too surprising since she's only had 2). It was hard to get her back in the stroller so we could exit the park and go back to the car. Finally we were able to convince her to get back in. We decided to walk to the car rather than take the tram in the hopes that she would fall asleep in the stroller.. and sure enough, she did. After a long day of fun and excitement, our little 2-year-old was all tuckered out!!!



Russell Family said...

How fun!!! I love how Disneyland trips change so drastically with little dudes! :)

Sheena said...

Awww...we were thinking of you on your special day, Rebekah! Like I said can't have any more fun than at Disneyland! Can you imagine us having so much fun that we fall asleep before we even get into bed? haha

Leanne said...

cute. happy birthday!! What a fun place to spend the day, we'll have to take our kids there someday! Jonah is getting so big!

Scott and Lorri said...

Looks like so much fun.I wish we lived closer just because it would be nice to be around friends again. we hope to take thayne to disneyworld for his 4th birthday. p.s. Lisa needs to start blogging!