Sunday, June 21

Bummed out...

Well... we haven't posted anything in a while... and here's why...

1. My computer just isn't working. Since it is so temperamental and doesn't like to do much for me, I have been hesitant to upload any new pictures for fear they will disappear into the abyss that seems to be my computer. I am in the process of convincing Danior that my computer is beyond repair (which after having to reload Vista on it twice... I think it may be) in order to get a new desktop. (And it won't be a DELL). So, unfortunately, until that happens I will not be able to post as often and as many pictures as I would like.

2. Rebekah has recently developed a love for photography. No matter how high up our camera is placed, she will climb on any and all furniture to reach it so that she can "take a picture". Well... a little over a week ago, she managed to grab hold of my camera... and... now it won't work. It displays some kind of lens error and won't function at all. We took it to the Darkroom (a camera store) and asked about getting it repaired... but it would cost as much to repair it as it will to get a new camera. So, another thing that we need to buy.

3. We have a Sony video camera that we absolutely love. We would love to take videos and pictures (because it has the capability), but it would do us no good. Our camera is not compatible with Vista, and Sony has no plans to release a driver to allow it to work with Vista. So, I suppose it is yet another thing we will need to spend money on.

So, long story short. I have pics on my camera that I can't put on my computer. I have no camera to take any further pictures, and really, no time to post photos. I am hoping this week to at least get a new camera. If that happens I will try and use Danior's computer to upload our photos.

But, don't count our blog out yet. I will find a way.... so, stay tuned!

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Sheena said...

Awww man. That's so frustrating! It's like your pictures are just floating around waiting to be viewed...somehow! Hang in there. At least I get to see your cute kids everyweek! :)