Tuesday, November 17

Milk Allergy and Answered Prayers

**This may make your eyes water... it does to mine everytime I look at the pictures.

If anyone ever wonders why my little guy is so special and I tend to be over protective of him... this is why:
We discovered pretty early that Jonah has a really bad milk allergy. Now that he is eating solid foods I have to be extra careful to check the ingredients list of EVERYTHING he eats. I happened to slip up and forget to read the ingredients on a box a couple weeks ago. The poor guy ate some little crackers that had milk, cheese, and whey from milk in them... holy cow... it could have killed him. I suppose mom's are allowed to slip up once in a while, but I am definitley a lot more careful now. I won't let hardly anyone hold him because if you happen to have milk or dairy products on your skin, he will break out.

Unfortunately when he starts to break out he rubs his face and then his eyes take the brunt of it. As soon as I saw it appearing I rushed him into what we like to call "an emergency bath" (you know... the ones where your kids have to get a bath right away for whatever reason). Even while giving him a bath I had to be careful to use several wash cloths so it didn't spread any more.

Rebekah was a real sport through it all, but had a mini meltdown as she watched mom stress out: (I think she was also worried about her little brother)

As traumatic as the incident was, I am very thankful for answered prayers and for having the initial mom's intuition that something just isn't right. If he had continued to eat it, his reaction would have been soooo much worse.


Tera said...

I completely understand how scary food allergies are. When Brynna was tested for allergies because she was breaking out in hives, losing a lot of weight and throwing up and having diarhea we were so worried. We were so sad when we found out she was allergic to dairy, wheat and eggs. It was scary having to carry an epi pen around with us. I had to pack her food any time we went somewhere because I couldn't take the chance that someone would feed her something that would make her sick. Thankfully she outgrew her allergies by the time she was 3 1/2. I hope for Jonah's and your sake also that he will outgrow his allergy as well. It is so scary because he is so little and has such bad reactions to even coming in contact with the dairy on his skin. Have you had him see an allergist?

Karen S said...

Poor little thing. Food allergies can be so devastating. My good friend's kids are allergic to basically everything and it is so taxing. Luckily, he'll probably grow out of the milk allergy though. He has such a sweet little face. Hope our babies meet some day soon.

Leanne said...

how scary! people who don't have a food allergy in the family just really don't understand..my 5 year old is allergic to peanuts and cashews...it was a nightmare when we first found out--the hard way of course! luckily when they get a little older it's not as scary.

Bren said...

Wow is all I can say