Tuesday, January 19

Happy Birthday Jonah!!!

Jonah turned 1 on Dec 28th. Boy how time flies!!! He is such a cutie, but with a HORRIBLE milk allergy we couldn't risk making him a cake. So, instead... we opted for a more So Cal b-day dessert and went with Strawberry Sorbet! (No milk)

He wasn't totally sure about the sorbet. It had a little tanginess to it. But once he got a spoon and could snack and make a mess... he LOVED it.

Plus, thanks to a friend of mine (Leah) who also has a kid with a milk allergy, I learned the Oreo cookies have no milk in them. So, after making a sticky gooey mess of sorbet, Jonah got an Oreo cookie to munch on.
Jonah has been so much fun. He was a little late coming in to the world (4 days late) but he was well worth the wait. He is now a full fledged toddler getting into all sorts of mayhem. Watch out world... here he comes!

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Gigi said...

I took a lot of time for you to update all thsi great stuff! Christwmas, Jonah's b-day, the play set, the redo! All of it is great. You've been so busy. The kids are the cutest!