Saturday, February 13

My Little Helper

The past two weeks have been very hectic around our house. I have been working hard to do some major spring cleaning in addition to all the regular "stuff" we mom's do on a regular basis.

Yesterday was especially hard because of some things for work that had piled up. I am so thankful for my special daughter whom, despite her need to pick on her brother, will become the sweetest big sister in the world.

Between answering the phone, showing apartments, and trying to make dinner for everyone Jonah was becoming a little impatient for his dinner. I gave RL hers and sat down to try and feed JM a couple bites in between flipping pancakes (we were having breakfast for dinner). Each time I stood up to flip another pancake JM would squeal. So, RL took it upon herself to go sit in my chair and feed him spoonfuls of dinner. (I tried to load the video, but it wasn't working, so all I have are pictures- sorry).

When RL saw that I was busy cooking she said, "Mommy, I will move my plate over to sit in your chair so I can feed Jonah"- and that's what she did. Jonah loved it and she did a great job. She would even say things like: "Is that good Jonah?" "yum-my" "You want some more?" --just like a good mommy does. She, of course, continued eating her own dinner too... after watching mom multi-task to feed Jonah and herself at dinner every night.
RL even made airplane noises as she fed him. So... I am convinced that I must have the sweetest daughter in the world... at least when she wants to be sweet.

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Bren said...

Aww how sweet is that!