Saturday, March 13

Happy B-day RL!!!

So, yesterday was RL's birthday. It's so hard to believe that she is 3!!! Time has flown by... sheesh.

Here are the hi-lights from HER day yesterday. I was super sick - with bronchitis (lucky me) but I managed to get out of bed, shower, and try to function.
Here she is showing off her new age!! We had grand plans to spend her birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth... but when I got really sick, and JM got really sick... plans changed. So, first thing yesterday morning, RL, JM, and I went to the SECOND Happiest Place on Earth.... TARGET!
I let her pick out a gift.. because she needed something new and great to keep her entertained so I could rest up. So after trying out every toy (practically) she chose this one:

It's a tea set... Cinderella, of course. She was so happy that she carried around the store while we got meds and other items. Then she carried it in from the car. I put JM down for a nap, and RL and I had a tea party.

We had water and popcorn. It was delicious. RL was a gracious host. She even poured me more water when my cup started to run low!
She played with her tea set the rest of the day. We ordered pizza for dinner .. since I wasn't up to much cooking... and we baked a cake. RL helped frost the cake...

...well... she helped with the clean up.
After pizza we all enjoyed some cake. JM got his own birthday treat... oreos...

(I need to try and fix the red eye... just ignore it for now)
After a long day of "partying" RL was pretty tired.
We love you RL...


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