Tuesday, June 1

The Last 3 Weeks...

This is what I, and anyone else who has seen us, has been seeing for the last 3 weeks. ALL day and ALL night. WHY you might ask? He is teething. Those darn canine teeth have been his worst enemy... and mine too!!!
My normally happy little guy has become a TANTRUM KING!!! He is just so cranky all the time and nothing really seems to help. So far tylonel and oragel have been the only "relief" (because it only does so much).
I made it through about 15 minutes of church last Sunday before the screaming, crying, and tantruming started. At least I got to enjoy the sacrament! :)
Every diaper change is a wrestling match.
Going out places is impossible.
Naps/bedtime hardly happen.
These teeth need to come in already!!

I love you little man! Hang in there!!!


Tera said...

Oh, I totally empathize with you. Except this has been the entire last year for us! Hopefully yours doesn't last that long!

Anonymous said...

Aww! Poor baby!

I'm following you back!

Gigi said...

This is very sad for everyone in the house! Hang tough. It will not last forever.

Robert and Suzanne said...

Poor little man. He did stop crying whenever I hold him. Something magic about grandpa

Leanne said...

seriously. mine too, she is a buggar lately due to teething!

Karen S said...

Those molars are a killer! Hang in there.