Thursday, December 30

Jonah's Birthday!!

This Tuesday our little man turned 2... and he has already entered the "terrible twos"... it's truly terrible! But, here are some happy pictures from the very impromtu b-day party we had for him Tuesday night at our house!!
After a delicious taco/burrito dinner, we enjoyed cupcakes. I made some dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free cupcakes so Jonah could enjoy them!!

The face says it all. He thought these cupcakes were delicious. The next day he grabbed a stool, put it up to the kitchen cabinet, and was able to reach a cupcake or two to lick the frosting off.

He got some really neat toys (thanks everyone!). This one is a Little Peoples zoo train that he actually picked the day before his b-day... luckily he forgot about it! ☺

Grandpa and Grandma got him a Woody and a Buzz stuffed animal ( a big hit!).

Also a set of Winne the Pook characters (one of his favorites).

The two biggest hits can be seen in this pic! The basketball hoop and a red remote control sports car! BOTH kids absolutely love them! Now that it's not raining anymore I think we will go out and enjoy them both outside today!! ☺

Thanks to everyone who was able to come and for those who sent presents ahead of time. Jonah had a blast! It was fun to have you guys over! We are still planning to do some kind of house-warming something after the beginning of 2011.

Happy Birthday Little Man!!! We love you!!
(p.s. if you want to read about the day he was born here is the link.)

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