Monday, January 17

POTD 1.15.2011

This is our POTD. In the morning we woke up to a flat tire. We put air in it to try and drive it to our tire shop... didn't make it. There was a nice puncture in the tread (probably a nail) that was leaking too much air to drive on. Danior worked hard and put on the spare! We were able to get to the tire place and they patched up the old tire -- for free! That's why we love them!

Then it was off to grandma and grandpa's where the kids would stay for the day while Danior and I went on a much needed date...

... to Disneyland! (in line for Pirates!)

On Thunder Mountain (Yes.... we got to go on all the ADULT rides!)

Even got a d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s ice cream sundae (something we can't do with the kids)!

Of course Indiana Jones broke down while we were in line, but we got a cool pass to come back! Thanks friendly Disney people (aka cast members)!

Even met up with this kid who was there with some friends!

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