Sunday, January 30

POTD 1.29.2011

So, here is how I choose my POTD's. We go about our day in a normal way. I try and have my little point and shoot camera accessible at all times. Then, when the kids do something different, or when I see a photo opp, I grab my camera and take the pic.

Today, Danior was playing outside with the kids while I was working in the office. I hear them squealing and look over to see them taking turns holding a rolly polly (pill bug). I run to the other room, grab my camera and run to the back door to take the picture before they lose interest.

Now... put on your cartoon hat for a minute and picture this: I am running in my pj's to the back door, camera in hand. I am almost to the door when my right foot plants itself on a paper back kids book laying on the floor. I slip. My feet go completely out from under me fly up in the air, and I land on the laminate floor on my left hip and shoulder. IT HURT! I start crying... and Danior asks what's wrong. Now, Danior, Rebekah and Jonah are all seated outside the back door no more than 2 feet from where I slipped and landed... yet... none of them saw it. HOW SAD!!! I had a really great fall, I am super sore today... and no one witnessed it!

Oh well... at least I got my picture!


Bren said...

I love the picture... Totally wish I could have been there to watch you fall... I can picture it perfectly...I am laughing! =)

Suzanne Shisley said...

I knew Brenda would be the first to comment on the Whoosh. Glad you didn't get hurt and you got your picture.

Jen Lynn said...

That hurts just thinking about it.