Sunday, January 2

P'sOTD 1.2.11

 P'sOTD becuase I have two pictures for today!! I have to choose one for my binder... but I like them both!

I like this one because it is of both kids. Rebekah had her first day of Sunbeams today. She is in a class of ALL girls - like 5-6 girls!!! Her teacher seems really nice (although we still don't know hardly anyone in the new ward).

I love this one!!! Especially because if you look closely you can the see the beginnings of Jonah's black eye (his left eye). He fell in nursery today and the sweet nursery subs came to get me because I had told them about his allergies and they were afraid the redness was an allergic reaction to something. I am so glad that they didn't hesitate in coming to get me! But, since there were no hives and mild blue-ing... I figured he must have fallen and gave himself a black eye!

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GMDonovan said...

Tough choice! The two shot is so cute. Marks a milestone for RL, too! Such a big girl in Sunbeams now.