Thursday, March 24

{ Can a 4 year-old really be this smart?? }

Last night at dinner I told Rebekah she had to eat 4 bites of her chicken pot pie {which she refused to eat} in order to get her desert. She asked "why 4?" I said, because 4 is your favorite number {which it has been ever since she turned 4!}. She paused for a minute, then said, "Mom, my favorite number now is 5... {thought for another minute - I swear Danior and I could see the wheels in her head turning!} no, it's 3!".

 This smart cookie reasoned that if she changed her favorite number to 3 she would only have to eat 3 bites. BUT,  thankfullly I know how to outsmart a 4 year old! I said, "Okay, you can eat 3 bites, then 1 more!" After saying that she asked, "and that would make 4 bites?" I said yes, then she said, "okay!"

So there!


GMDonovan said...

What else can you say? She is billiant!

The Gilley's said...

What a little smartie! And a cute one at that. :)

Miss you guys!

Bren said...

She really is REALLY smart.