Wednesday, March 9

POTD 3.9.2011

This is what happened this morning while I did some work. Thankfully his big sister was around to help him clean it up!

So, my project today was this:

But while I worked on putting cabinet latches on several cabinets... this happened:

So, today I am thankful for 2 things:
1. Laminate floors. If we had carpet this would have been a nightmare!
2. A washer and dryer: I can wash his clothes and not have to go digging for quarters!

I have realized that while taking a POTD and documenting this year {so far} has given me a chance to scrapbook with a lot less stress... it has also helped me to take time to enjoy my family and to keep cool at times like this. While normally this would have made me upset to have to clean up such a huge mess.. instead, I took several pictures and had time to cool off so that I didn't get upset at all! Instead I enjoyed Jonah in all his cuteness!!

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