Wednesday, April 13

Disneyland Vacation!!!!!! {4.13.2011 - 4.15.2011}

For the most part, I think these photos tell the whole story themselves!

{in the car - finally - on our way!}

{Rebekah and I walked across the street in the afternoon to enjoy ice cream sundaes while Jonah napped and Danior did some work at the hotel!}

• • • • •

{ 4.14.2011 }

We decided since we aren't renewing our passes, and this IS our family vacation, that we would treat ourselves to a special treat. We had lunch at Ariel's Grotto.

Jonah loves Ariel!

Rebekah tried the tire swing ride. LOVED it!!!

She also tried the rock wall. It was hard, but she had a blast!

We had such a fun vacation. What a wonderful time to spend together!

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