Friday, May 13

A visitor....

So, we were all ready to go to Costco. We had dinner, the kids were in pj's, we just needed to get gas and some soy milk. Danior takes the kids out to the car, I walk out... and as I open the car door to get in... a dog jumps in the car with us! It was a cute dog... but it had a collar. So, I walk the dog down the street trying to find the address listed on the tag... ummm... that address didn't exist! GREAT!

So, I knock on the door of the closest address to the one listed. She actually knew the dog - Copper. She said it belonged to someone 2 doors down - her son! BUT... she wouldn't take the dog. Sheesh! It was a super sweet dog {a puppy really}. Danior called the number on the tag and they were on their way home from Ventura and would be home in about 30 minutes.

If this was my dog, I would hope someone would be nice enough to keep him until I could get home. So, that's what we did. We ARE NOT dog people... and this just reassured that to me!

We got a chance to meet our neighbor across the street. They though we got a dog and were talking to us about it. When we explained the situation, he offered us his dogs leash so that we could at least take him for a walk or something. He is one powerful puppy!!

30 minutes turned into almost an hour. The kids lost interest in about 15 minutes. We missed going to Costco because they were closed by the time the owners came. The owners?! Didn't really even say thank you.

Oh well, I decided at least I had taught my kids a valuable life-long lesson... we will probably never get a dog!

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