Tuesday, February 19

Puppy Love!

Ever since the first visit to grandma and grandpa's house, Rebekah has loved to watch Angel (my parent's American Eskimo), and Angel has loved to watch Rebekah. Angel loved to lick Rebekah's toes when she sat in her carrier. Now that Rebekah is mobile, Angel is a little skiddish, but still loves to "investigate" the baby. The best is when Angel gives Rebekah kisses because Rebekah gets a huge smile on her face, and laughs.

Now that Rebekah has gotten the hang of crawling, and crawling real fast, she loves to "chase" Angel around the house. Angel seeks refuge in her bed, but Rebekah just keeps crawling. Sometimes she will crawl over and touch Angel, other times she likes to just sit and watch her. No matter what Angel does though, she always brings a giggle and a smile to Rebekah's face, and can soothe any tears.


Bren said...

It is funny when Jetta checks out Rebekah. Jetta likes to do the taste testing also, but Rebekah pulls her feet in real tight. I think Jetta may be to big for her.

Jen Lynn said...

Rebekah is very cute.

My mom was telling me about your awesome calling! AND your busy life.

Good night! Good luck with all of that. At least you've got your mom to help you out.

Emma said...

She's getting big! How fun. When the weather gets better...come visit, if you have the time. :-)

Leanne said...

Your little girl is cute, I like how you spell her name.

Danny said: "holy cow I can't believe they still have that dog!"