Thursday, March 6

The Strainer: A Multi-Use Item

Rebekah has figured out that we have kitchen cabinets. You know what that means for mom and dad: Time to move all the dangerous stuff up higher. So, the lower kitchen cabinets now contain all the mixing bowls and silicone bakewear... all the fun stuff that little fingers and mouths can get into.

Now one of her favorite things is to take out all the mixing bowls and leave them all over the house. I will go to the bedroom and find a bowl in the hallway. This time she figured out that the bowls, while good for banging and hitting, can also work well as a hat!

I thought this was the cutest picture. Now, I could be wrong, but isn't there some kind of kid cartoon character who wears a strainer on there head? I looked but coudn't find a picture for comparison... bummer.

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Bren said...

Maybe from the Brave Little Toaster? =)