Thursday, March 6

The Lawnmower

We bought this lawnmower walker for the cruise we went on because it folds up small and fit in my suitcase. On the cruise we would let her walk in our room, and late at night when she would refuse to go to sleep we would turn her loose in the hallway on the ship. She couldn't go very far without getting tired and needing a break... but it helped to wear her out so she would give in and sleep... which made mom and dad VERY happy!
At home this is one of her favorite toys. She will start at one end of the room and walk it all the way to the other side. Then she will stop, turn around, and look at me as if to say, " now what?". Then she walks around to the other side of the lawnmower and pushes it from the back (see above) to the other side of the room where she walks around it and pushes it from the front again. It is a constant cycle that concludes when the lawnmower gets stuck under the table or in a corner.

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