Wednesday, May 28

It all started with a walk to school...

Danior and I met at the Northridge Institute of Religion for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints almost 7 years ago. A mutual friend named Sanie introduced us to each other after Danior transferred to CSUN from Antelope Valley College. We hung out at the Institute that semester playing pool, and chatting (and of course doing our homework). When our class schedules coincided we would walk to school together.
At the end of the semester, Danior invited me to go to the Lancaster Institute for a Christmas party (of course that was after I handed him a plate of Christmas cookies that my family makes and gives to our friends for the season-- I wonder if that had anything to do with the invitation?? hmmm...) After that we hung out several times with our group of friends, and even went to the LA Temple to look at the Christmas lights. Maybe it was inspiration, or maybe just me being emotional (like usual), but that night at the Temple, I knew that I was going to marry him.
We started dating on February 15, 2002 and three years later got engaged and married.
It's hard to believe it has been three years already!!! Three wonderful years! Just think, three years ago we were getting ready to be sealed together for eternity. Our sealing was scheduled for 10:00 a.m., but because of some late family members, it didn't start until 10:30. That was a really l-o-n-g half an hour!!!
But, everything went smoothly, and we had an awesome sealing with all of our close friends and family either in the temple with us or waiting outside for us.

I love you Danior, you have been a blessing to me and to our family. You are always cool, calm, and collected... which must mean that opposites attract because I am needy, emotional, and perpetually stressed. It's been a fantastic 3 years, and I look forward to forever!

BTW, this is a thinly veiled attempt to hide the fact I didn't get Danior an anniversary gift. But he would say even the gift is too cheesy.


Jennie said...

Isn't it amazing that something so great started in such a simple way? I remember those days at the good old CSUN institute. We sure had fun didn't we?!

Bren said...

I am glad that you married Danior. You too are good for each other, he loves you even though you are "needy, emotional, and perpetually stressed". That takes some real lovin! Happy Anniversary!

Russell Family said...

Awww...I'm glad you did that, it's always fun to hear people's romances. (and why is it girls never tire of them??)

That's funny, we were looking at the RAV-4's also. The cargo/trunk area was just too small for our dogs, but it was a great car. Plus, a Toyota-you can't go wrong!

Devon said...

Yeah... congratulations! Hope you had a great anniv! I'm writing on here which means we finally have internet! About time huh? Where are the pics from Memorial day?? (from: Devon Pinson)