Wednesday, May 21

Hooray for warm weather!

Since it's been so warm lately it has become swimming weather! A couple weeks ago I bought RL this very trendy swimsuit (thanks Wal-Mart). Then G-ma and G-pa bought her a tiny little pool to keep at their house. So, when it got to be over 100 degrees outside, what better way to cool off than to take a dip in the pool.
So, we packed up our gear and headed off to the G-parents house. This is RL in the pool in the kitchen (before we took it outside).
The water was a little too cold for RL so she dipped her feet in and just watched it for a while. G-ma and myself, also dipped our feet in the pool. It was cold, but took the edge off an otherwise almost unbearable day outside.
When Angel discovered the pool, she had to investigate. She took a drink, then walked in the pool a little bit. RL's eyes lit up at that sight and decided the pool must be okay if the puppy got in there. So, she got brave and stood in the pool for a while. It was still a little too cold to really sit in, but she had fun!!!


Bren said...

Very cute. Has she used the pool since?

Leanne said...

we like to put the pool in the sun before we venture in...too chilly for little bums!

Jennie said...

Catherine had the same problem of the water being too cold the last time I tried to put her in her little pool. I like the idea of putting it in the sun for awhile before getting in.

Russell Family said...

Awww....I love that Angel tempted her into the pool! :) Did it get cold out there recently? We began to reach unbearable, then a cold front came in and it's been lovely!