Tuesday, May 20

Our visit to the Wii

Like everyone else it seems, we too know someone with a Wii. We hung out at Mike & Brenda's on Mothers Day and got acquainted with theirs. It was fun and has tempted us to get one of our own, but we'll at least wait until we get our economic stimulus check (thanks george).

Katy is deep under the spell of the Wii. Can you guess which game she's playing? (hint: it's a sport...kind of)

Is Steven Wii-ing or stretching? You decide.


Bren said...

So fun! Dad got one today!!! We went to Target to get the WII Fit and he couldn't resist. You should get one and we can play each other online =). They are on sale at Target for $250... THANK YOU GEORGE!

Michael said...

I haven't seen Katy that active in a while. Look at all the effort that is being put into the physically demanding game on the screen. Well done !!

Glad you guys had fun.

Bren said...

Bowling bowling bowling!! You burn 90 calories for every 30 minutes... it doesn't seem like alot, but it is fun. I found this website that shows 10 games that will make you sweat. I sweat while bowling... =)


Leanne said...

hahaha now you can do yoga too. I love to bowl on the wii. such fun. and I kick Danny's trash most of the time. feels good, you know?!