Monday, July 14


When Rebekah was born, Danior was excited at the thought of dressing her in overalls. He would be able to pick her up by the back of the overalls and carry her around. Just the thought of him doing that to my precious little baby (I'm sure it's a first-time-mom thing) was worrysome. What if the snaps broke? What if the overalls weren't strong enough? What if... what if... what if???

Since then I have overcome those fears. Rebekah doesn't have too many overalls so I'm not super worried about Danior carrying her like that, although he has picked her up that way on occasion. I think I have also mellowed a lot since she was born. She is bigger and tougher now... a little less fragile. Plus, she can tackle dad now if she needs to defend herself.

Seeing Rebekah in these overalls reminds me of the differences between Danior and I... one being the clothes we choose to dress Rebekah in. Danior dressed Rebekah this day... with no shirt under the overalls... and in 100 plus degree weather. We did have the air conditioner on so it wasn't that hot in the house, but the thought of her in pants on such a hot day made me sweat.
She didn't stay in the overalls for too long though... her next diaper change she was in shorts and a t-shirt. These overalls are cute, but they are also kind of goofy too. I think, especially with no shirt or shoes on she looks like one of the Little Rascals. All she needs is come crazy hair to go with it... oh wait... she has that too.
I love my Little Rascal, and I love my husband... even when our taste in clothing doesn't match.

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Suzanne said...

Props to Danior for dressing her. Some dads just leave them in a diaper. He is a good dad.