Monday, July 14

Learning to Climb and Just Sitting Around

Well, Rebekah has become a climber. She stands on top of bowls, cups, climbs on ladders, step stools, and has figured out how to climb on the couch.

Since then she has managed to not only climb up and onto the couch, but into the glider chair we have too. Eveytime she gets up there she has a huge smile. She is so proud of her accomplishment. Unfortunately, she like to stand up on the couch and chair too, which makes me and Danior very nervous. She is getting better at staying seated while she is up there... and she's only fallen off the couch a few times (which is better than a lot, but not quite as good as never). Kids are tough, and Rebekah is no exception. She's had some good cuts and bruises, but when she gets hurt she usually only cries for a couple seconds and is fine.


Leanne said...

she's getting big!

Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Toddlers definately keep you on your toes. Never any rest for the weary. Don't you find pregnancy is harder this time - because you never get to lay down anytime you want, and yet easier because you are so busy taking care of another little one that you don't have time to focus on how you feel?