Thursday, August 28

The last couple of weeks ...

I realized we haven't posted anything lately, so here is a brief update about what we have been up to for the last couple of weeks.

Rebekah has discovered that if she climbs on to the couch, she can poke her head through the cubbies in the wall to see what we are doing in the office. She has only fallen once (because she is standing on a pillow that slid onto the ground) and Danior and I strongly discourage her from climbing up there, but kids will be kids and Rebekah is no exception. Unfortunately it's really hard to get mad at her when she stand up there, pokes her head through, and waves at you with a huge smile on her face.

Next, we bought Rebekah a really cheap Disney Princess backpack at Wal-mart (much more affordable than anything at the Disney Store) for her to carry her church supplies in. She loves to wear her backpack. Here she is wearing it for our nightly walk to meet Dad in the parking lot when he gets home from work. We've been able to use it a couple times. It's great because she can carry her own toys and such so that the diaper bag isn't overloaded... plus... she just looks so darn cute in it.

Going to the Antelope Valley Fair has become a family tradition of ours. We took Rebekah last year even though she was just a couple months old. She had much more fun this time. She enjoyed the petting zoo, followed by a thorough hand-washing, and absolutely loved climbing all over the tractors they had on display. Here are a couple of pics of her on the tractor.

Last saturday Brenda called and invited us to the Warner Center Park in Woodland Hills for a movie night at the park. They were showing the movie Enchanted. We grabbed some dinner on the way over, parked at Brenda and Mike's place and walked to the park. Rebekah loves the park, but hates the grass!!! If she sits down, she won't touch the grass to stand back up, instead she just kind of grunts and reaches for you to help her. We weren't able to stay for the whole movie, but the company was great! Thanks for inviting us!!!

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M. Sperber said...

It really was fun. The movie was kind of silly but Beks didn't really care about it anyway. She seems to enjoy her version of catch aka taking the ball from my glove and dropping it back in. She also enjoyed pointing out the stars and laughing at anything that did noy move.

I think she pointed at the speaker and laughed at one point.

Thanks for joining us. Lion King is in 2 weeks if you want to do it again.