Thursday, August 28

The last 2 days...

Danior woke up Wednesday morning and got ready for work as usual. While he was preparing his lunch for the day, he felt a drip on his neck, looked up, and saw that our kitchen ceiling was leaking. At first it was just in one spot, then grew to a couple drips. He came and woke me up so I could come see and he put a bowl on the floor to catch the water. He was able to stay home for a couple hours so we could make phone calls, talk to our upstairs neighbors, and get Ike out to take a look at it all and see what he can do. The dripping stopped for a couple hours, but picked up again in full force! Last night it was not only dripping from like 10 places from the existing crack in the ceiling, but it was dripping off the light fixture as well.

(Above) In this picture you can see the glowing line showing the dripping spots along the crack.

(left) You can see the crack in the ceiling and the bubbling of the paint showing the large area of "wetness". (right) The inside of the top of our cabinet. The paint/drywall is starting to peel and fall off... yay!

It turns out, our upstairs neighbors put in a water filtration system that has sprung a leak and has over the course of who-knows-how-long has not only completely destroyed the cabinet underneath their kitchen sink, but has soaked the walls and has now breached the 30 years of paint on our ceiling and poked through. Here is a small glimpse of the amount of water that has accumulated over the last 24 hours. We've dumped bowl already and about the same amount of water is in our sink. (I know it looks like pee, and it smells pretty gross too, but I have been reasured that this is clean water that has just been colored as is made it's way through the wood, floor upstairs, and our ceiling)

We are still waiting for the water to stop dripping. Meanwhile, I have limited use of my kitchen. It's so small to begin with, and with the central location of the drippage, it makes it difficult to wash dishes, open the fridge, cook on the stove, or use counter space without being rained on by the lovely water.
We are hoping to have the plumbing problem upstairs fixed this afternoon, and once the wall/ceiling/floor dries out, we will assess the damage and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.
Ah, the joys of living in an apartment!!!

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Leanne said...

boy, sounds like you need a new place to live! that's totally gross, and so obnoxious!