Tuesday, October 21

The Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 18, 2008, we decided to take Rebekah to a pumpkin patch and fall festival held at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. We had driven by a couple times and it looked like she would have a lot of fun, so when we had a free afternoon we took advantage of it.

Grandma and Grandpa Shisley wanted to come with us and show Rebekah around, and Danior invited his mom as well. Brenda joined us too and we had a blast. The festival itself wasn't that exciting, but Brenda taught Rebekah what a horse says. Rebekah tried to copy Brenda's sound, but mostly just laughed at her.

Danior and Rebekah walked around for a while looking at all the pumpkins.
Rebekah decided to do some investigating on her own.

This was one of the biggest pumpkins they had out there. It made a really good chair.

Aunt Brenda set Rebekah in an empty pumpkin crate. She thought it was pretty funny.

Rebekah finally chose her two "puntins". She wouldn't let them out of her sight. She wanted to look at all the others still, but held tight to her own.

One of the rides you could pay to take was a hay ride. Luckily my super smart husband found out that if we parked in the parking lot on campus rather than the one right next to the festival, we got to take a hay ride for free. It was our shuttle from the parking lot to the festival. We totally lucked out. It was difficult getting me and my 7 month pregnant self up into the wagon, but there were some nice guys who were able to lend me a hand to hold on to as I tried to climb up there. The ride was fun... but a little too bumpy for me and Jr. I ended up holding on to my stomach the whole time. Brenda was afraid Jr. was just going to pop right out. All in all... it was fun! Thanks everyone for coming with us... and sharing the kettle corn and hawaiian ice!!!


Bren said...

It was fun! Did you finish the popcorn? Maybe the tree lot will offer the same ride as the pumpkin patch and you could go ride the tractor when JR is stubborn and not wanting to come out. I thought for sure when we stopped JR would have been in the lake thing.

Suzanne Shisley said...

Great pics! It was kind of a lame place, but having everyone there was a blast.She did love her puntins, didn't she? I am glad Jr decided to stay in the oven a while longer.
Thanks for inviting us!

Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Oh, I love how she says "puntin". So cute!