Sunday, October 26

The Cutest Fairy EVER!!!

Friday night we crashed my parent's Ward Halloween Party. Our ward decided not to have a party this year, and we were bummed, so when I heard my parents ward was having one, we thought it would be fun to crash it, and see friends that we hadn't seen in a while.
I found this cute fairy costume at Joann for a really good price, and since Rebekah already has a glowing wand from Gina that is purple (it's a Tinkerbell wand from Disneyland). I thought it would be an awesome costume.

We went over to my parent's house early on Friday to do a load of laundry and take some pics of Rebekah before she had a chance to get her costume too dirty. She loved the wand and the pretty dress. She wasn't sure about the headband, but managed to keep it on most of the night.

At the party we ate boiled hot dogs... yummy, and went 'Trunk-Or-Treating' in the parking lot. It only took a couple cars for Rebekah to get the hang of the idea... sometimes she would even say "treat". If the person at the car handed her a piece of candy, she would take the candy with her right hand, then bend down and set the bucket -- that she was carrying as a purse on her right shoulder -- on the ground, take her arm out of the strap on the bucket, and drop her candy in it. Then pick up the bucket and sling it back over her arm. If the person at the car was brave enough to let Rebekah grab her own piece of candy... she'd take two (at least)... she's no dummy!!!
My Dad has a picture of her with her "puntin" bucket on his blog.
We only made it around the circle 2 complete times before she had had enough. Then she just wanted to run around the parking lot. One of the best parts of the evening was when Rebekah noticed the little girl (Lonnie Tippetts) who was dressed as Cinderella. (For those of you who don't know, Cinderella (Rella as she is known around our house) has become Rebekah's favorite Disney character and movie. We watch it at least twice a day... lucky mom and dad, huh? When she saw Cinderella at the party she was speechless. She just stood there in awe. While Trunk-or-Treating, she could spot her from across the parking lot and would call out, "Rella, Rella". It was fun!!!
Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us crash the party. We had a blast!!!


Bren said...

She is so cute. Next year she should be something gross and bloody.

Leanne said...

that is really cute. It's so foreign to me that it must be warm there. Our Halloween costumes are all made of fleecey stuff and long sleeves, hats and long pants! (and always have been)

Katy said...

I wish it was cold here. The news said it's going to be 95 tomorrow... and we are on a red flag fire warning...

Russell Family said...

How sweet!! :)

Cinderella twice a day would probably drive me batty, although 'Thomas the Tank Engine' songs all day may have already done me in...

Hey, we're going to be in your neck of the woods the week before Christmas-Alec's first Disneyland trip. Any chance of meeting up at some point? (when are you due again?)