Friday, November 28

We are so blessed....

I suppose this post is very timely with the passing of Thanksgiving yesterday. Danior's co-workers took him out for a birthday lunch today, and also gave him a card for us and the baby. Inside, we found a picture of the stroller we registered for at Target, and note with it saying, "Will arrive between Dec 3-5." I almost cried (I know, I'm a sap), but it was so kind and generous of his co-workers to get us such a perfect and functional gift. We were kind of worried about having the money to buy a double stroller, and this was a HUGE blessing. We will definitely put a lot of miles on it.
So, to any of Danior's co-workers at Macias who happen to read our blog: "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
p.s. keep your eyes out for a Thanksgiving post coming in the next couple of days.


Bren said...

This was such a great surprise!!!

Suzanne Shisley said...

What lovely people Danior works with. Very thoughtful!