Sunday, November 23

Happy Birthday Sis!

Tomorrow (Monday, November 24) is my little sis' birthday. Brenda will be turning 26! Here are some things you may or may not know about her.

1. Brenda got married in January of this year (2008) on a cruise ship. She and Mike dated for ... a really long time... sorry Bren, but I lost track of the years. The best part about their wedding on the cruise ship was that not only did the family all get to go on the cruise, but, I think it made her wedding special because it was such a small event.

2. Brenda is a f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s Aunt! Rebekah loves her sooo much. Brenda is the only person theat Rebekah will talk to on the phone. Every time we drive past the building where Brenda lives, Rebekah says, "Benna, Mite" (Brenda, Mike). She and Mike have even bought some really cute toys (including a play Cinderella cell phone) for Rebekah to play with when she goes over to their house to visit.

3. Brenda can light up any room. (This may sound sappy, but it's true) You always know you will have a good time, no matter where you are, as long as Brenda is there.

4. At my wedding, Brenda and I posed for a picture of just the two of us. This was the picture we ended up with. We had put our heads together for the picture, and our hair got tangeled. It makes for a great memory! Love you sis!

5. As you probably already know, if you are a Sperber blog reader, Brenda used to relentlessly pick on our brother when he was younger. I'll admit that I joined in, but mostly I just smiled and nodded at whatever Brenda said. I am sure she pinched him or something in this picture to get Steven to cry. She looks so guilty, doesn't she?

6. Brenda is a phenominal story teller, and she has an amazing ability to recall childhood memories. It is so much fun to sit with her and talk about when we were kids and the things we used to do.

7. Brenda had two interesting graduations. In Junior High, she was on crutches for her graduation. For High School Graduation, her sandal broke while waiting in the line to march in at the beginning of graduation and she spent most of the ceremony bearfoot. If I remember correctly (you should ask her to tell the story -- see #6) she walked up and got her diploma with no shoes on.

8. Brenda has a beautiful singing voice, and loves to sing along to the radio/cds/ipod. She is teaching her niece about what songs are "good" by letting Rebekah listen to her Ipod.

9. Recently Brenda has taken up card making. She recently aquired a cricut machine, and has been using it to make the most gorgeous christmas and holiday cards to give out this year. She is very creative and has a good eye for artistic things (eventhough she doesn't always think so).

10. Brenda and Mike have two dogs. Kita, an American Eskimo, was Brenda's dog before she and Mike got married. Although Kita is a monster, Brenda loves her and treats her as if she were one of her kids. Before they got married, Brenda and Mike got Jetta (no one really knows what breed of dog she is, but we have our suspicions about what breeds she may be a mix of). They have taken both dogs to training classes and just recently Brenda volunteered to help out at a couple of the other classes one day a week. They are proud parents of two "Agility Graduates". (check out their blog for the latest on Jetta's accomplishments)

11. Brenda is one of my best friends. We talk on the phone every week without fail, and several times a week on the computer. She is so thoughtful, and has even decided that she wants to take time off work when my baby is born to come over and help me out!

Happy Birthday Brenda! I hope you have a great day tomorrow, and that your birthday is as good as you deserve. I love you! You are an awesome person and the best sister a girl could ask for!


Bren said...

That is a great picture! I don't think I have ever seen that one before. I look like I am ready to kill someone. I do remember that hurting quite a bit though. Thanks for the nice words and birthday wishes!

Suzanne Shisley said...

Great job on facts about Brenda. She is amazing. It's good to know Dad's relentless "Sisters are forever" paid off in the long run.