Saturday, December 27


We have not had the baby yet. This puts me a couple days past my due date. If the baby decides he wants to stay in... he will be induced early Tuesday morning. I'm hoping now that the holidays are over he will decide to make his appearance.

**For those of you who have called asking how we are doing and whether had the baby... we appreciate your concern for our family. PLEASE, don't worry... you WILL know when the baby is born. One way or another, everyone will be informed. Don't be offended or worry if we don't call you back, it is difficult to return all phone calls and e-mails. Feel free to check our blog regularly for the latest baby updates. Danior will be posting pics and sharing information as soon as possible once the baby is born.

At my latest Dr.'s visit, the Dr. said the baby is "good sized", meaning he may be as big as 9 lbs. when he is born (especially if he waits until Tues.). Everything else is looking good, and he is as healthy as can be.

Hopefully our next post will be good news... we will also post some pics from Christmas for those of you who are interested in those. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all!!!

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