Monday, December 1

Happy Birthday Danior!

Today Danior turned 31! But he doesn't look a day older than when I first met him. Here are a couple interesting facts about him that you may or may not know:

1. Danior is always up for trying new foods. On the cruise we took in January for Brenda and Mike's wedding, he tried frog legs, and escargot. This is a picture of the escargot attempt. You'll have to ask him how he liked it.
2. Danior is very close to his family. He talks to his parents at least once a week. When we were leaving for the cruise, he called his parents from port to see how they were doing and to let them know we were heading out to sea.

3. Among some of the weird household items I inherited when I married Danior is this Samurai Sword. I'm not sure where he got it from, but sometimes it worries me that we have it in our house.

4. The other interesting item we have is a 5 foot-long set of long horns. In our other apartment we mounted them to the wall above our computer. For now, they sit on the floor in our office. If only we had a h-u-g-e truck... they could be mounted on the front grill.

5. Danior can be a knight in shining armour. Before Rebekah was born our apartment had a rat problem. They were coming in through the fireplace from the roof. All-in-all I think we caught and killed 11 mice/rats. Danior was my hero... I could not stand to look at them after they had been "trapped", so he took every one of them out to the trash and reset the traps each night. (I wouldn't set them either because the second time I tried the trap sprung on me -- that was enough for me to be done with that)

6. Danior loves to eat fish tacos... but only fish tacos from Mexico. This is a picture of him enjoying his fish tacos in Ensenada.

7. Here is a picture of Danior in his element... hiking. He loves to be outdoors and one day hopes to hike the Pacific Crest, Appalachian, and Continental Divide Trails. He is always thinking about and planning his next big backpacking trip... hopefully someday his wife will let him go on one.

8. Danior and his sister Devon are great friends. As part of his big brother duties he constantly nags her about needing to get a job. Luckily, they share the same sense of humor and she doesn't get mad at the persistance of her brother.

9. Danior and his family take a yearly mecca to the Antelope Valley Fair. One of the main reasons is for Danior and his dad to gorge themselves on Tacos and Sioux Burgers. If you haven't had a Sioux burger, you are missing out... they are yummy... and full of grease!

10. Most of all, Danior likes to chill. Whether it's looking up sports scores on ESPN, watching sports on television, reading the latest REI catalog, or listening to business and news podcasts, he is the most content just hanging out. Hopefully, hanging out with his family is his favorite way to chill.


Gigi said...

What a great tribute to Danior, Katy! You did an amazing amount of work. Good job. We think he's special, and you, too.


love the look of the website

Suzanne Shisley said...

Great post! I am proud to say I knew those facts about my son-in-law. He is a wonderful person, and a great dad.

OneTreeForest said...

Happy birthday Danior!

Bren said...

You forgot to say that he makes cute kids! Maybe we should wait for the second one before divulge that information.