Thursday, December 4

Dr.'s Visit

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said everything is looking good. Luckily, this baby won't be huge.... so don't guess too high if you are guessing. She also said I am 80%, but 0 cm. Part of the 0 cm, she thinks, is because I am helping my mom out at a concert this saturday morning and have told myself I can't have the baby before then... she thinks it's a mental thing. We'll see. My mom is convinced my water will break on stage at the concert... that would be interesting wouldn't it?
Anyways... that's the latest on the baby front. Rebekah is doing well.... we are still trying to help her understand that she is going to be a big sister, but I think she only kind of gets it. I think she knows something is up though because she is becoming more and more clingy. She doesn't want to walk anywhere in the apartment without holding mommy or daddy's hand. She will start to walk away then come running back and say, "hand".


Russell Family said...

Yay! So is it too late to guess? Paul and I are guessing December 11th-Alec was 2 weeks early.

7lbs 2oz, 19 inches. :)

Also, we'll be driving out probably the 13th. Any chance of talking you into visiting your parents' ward the 14th?

Leanne said...

I can't believe you are so close to having a baby already! I'm sure it hasn't gone fast for you though! good luck with L&D and coping with 2 kids!

Ruvalcaba Clan said...

Katy, congrats on your soon to be addition. Hope everything is great. Arturo says hi.