Wednesday, December 10

This weeks visit

So, I had a Dr. appointment yesterday... but being the absent-minded 9 month pregnant woman that I am at the moment, I goofed on the time of my appointment. I switched the times between this week and next weeks visits. So, I missed my regular appointment. I called to see if they could squeeze me in, but my Dr. was booked for the day and the next available appointment with any Dr. was Jan. 2. (If I haven't had the baby by then I would be worried). So, the nice nurse on the phone asked how far along I was. I told her "38 weeks". She paused and said, "Oh... let me see what I can do for you. Maybe the nurse on call can take you." She then came back on the phone and said, "Can you come now?"..."I'll be there in about half-an-hour" was my reply.
So, I hung up the phone and said, "Rebekah, go get in your stroller WE GOTTA GO!". She was so awesome... she climbed right in and asked where her shoes were. I threw them in the stroller, and off we went. To make a long story even longer, I saw a nurse I didn't know and had a nice pelvic exam... talk about awkward (not that they aren't awkward anyways, but even more so when it's not your regular Dr.) She said that the baby's heartbeat was great! That he seems to be doing well. She guessed I am about 1.5-2 cm, 40%, and -2. So, hopefully the big day isn't too far away. I am still holding out hopes for this weekend, but not getting super hopeful because I don't want to be disappointed. Danior says that after next Wednesday would be good for him... but... I don't have much say in any of that...
My next Dr.'s visit is next Tuesday, and I will make sure I make it on time! Rebekah was totally awesome at the visit (she usually doesn't come with me, but because my next couple of visits are at odd times, she gets to tag along). The Nurse even gave her a lollipop for being so good. Surprisingly she stayed in the stroller the entire time, and only put up a fuss when we got to Kaiser and she had to get in the stroller. I love her so much!!! She is learning to be super helpful at home, and I am enjoying every minute that I have left with her as an only child.


Robert and Suzanne said...

The time is going by so quickly. Just a few more day until Robert Jr. will be born. This is so exciting. Love you.


Bren said...

I am sooo excited for a little baby again. That will be so much fun... since I get to go home. Uncle Mike and I want to take RL to the Zoo or something... lets plan it!

Russell Family said...

Wow...I can't believe he's almost here!!

Did you decide on a name???