Saturday, January 24

And the winner is ...

So, a while ago I offered a chance for everyone to guess the name, weight, length, and date of birth for Jonah. If you haven't had a chance to go back and look at your guess to see how close you were, you should... just for kicks.

Here are the winners:
Date -- Emma and Rob - they guessed December 26 (actual - Dec 28)
Length -- Danior and Brenda (but Danior doesn't really count) - they guessed 22 inches (actual - 21.75 inches)
Weight -- Sue - she guessed 8 lbs. 8 oz. (actual - 9lbs. 1 oz.) I guess no one thought he was going to be very big.

I haven't figured out the prize yet... but it'll be a good one. Be on the look-out.

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