Thursday, February 5

Results of a day with no nap...

Lately Rebekah has decided to boycot napping. She's never really been a good napper, but I was usually able to coax one out of her, until the last week or so. Instead of taking a nap around 2pm, she would take one at 5 or 6pm, then be awake until midnight. Well, yesterday she didn't take a nap... so I cooked dinner and we sat down to eat. She had a little bit of dinner... then her little head started to bob. Next thing you know, she's asleep... in her chair. I was feeding Jonah, so Danior snapped a couple pictures before cleaning her face, putting her in PJ's and tucking her in to bed. She fell asleep around 7:45 pm and slept in until 8am this morning. Maybe no nap isn't such a bad thing after all.... we'll see.
If any of you mom's out there have good napping secrets... please share.

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Laura said...

so is rebekah in a bed now? I don't know if I have any secrets other than I put Chase down for a nap every day at the same time and he is still in his crib so he can't get out. most days he falls asleep without any trouble, other days i hear him talking for up to 30 minutes but i don't get him out. but i know every kid is different.