Thursday, February 5

Today's Naptime

Rebekah started naptime out by laying in her bed, drinking a bottle of milk, enjoying Sleeping Beauty (maybe there is a subliminal reason why she likes to watch that one at naptime). She stayed in her room through the entire movie. When I went back to check on her, the movie was over and she was asleep. I turned off the tv, closed her door half-way, and went back out to the living room to continue cleaning up from the mornings activities.
5 minutes later she starts crying. I go in her room and she whines so I ask if she wants to come out to the living room. She follows me out and goes to the couch. I look over and she is standing in front of the couch with her head on the cushions. I get her to lay down and cover her up with a blanket (since it was chilly... surprise surprise).
Then, I go to wash dishes. I look back a couple minutes later, and this is the position she is in. Good thing I moved the table over and put the pillow down there. She slept for about an hour and a half. I got some of my cleaning done, but obviously couldn't clean up the crumbs from the couch (don't judge me too harshly), nor could I fix the slipcover... but at least she got a nap. We'll just see how late she stays up tonight.


Tera said...

how they sleep doesn't matter, as long as they sleep!

Bren said...

Was your "don't judge me" comment aimed towards Mike? He is the judge master of dirty things. That is why our place always seems tidy. It isn't because of me.

Katie Wells said...

That's great that you came across our blog. It's fun to be back in touch with old friends. Your family is adorable. Your daughter looks a lot like you when you were younger.

Russell Family said... sweet. :) She's so adorable!