Wednesday, July 8

4th of July

We had a jam packed 4th of July weekend, but this was definitely the highlight!! The Nickels (who we love dearly) invited us over to swim. Being the paranoid parent that I am, I was terrified of RL being around the pool, so we went to Target and bought her a swimming vest. She was so excited that she wanted to wear it at the store. Here are some of the pics from our swimming adventure:
Rebekah and one of her best friends, Kaylee.

Danior and Jonah (his first time swimming... he had a blast!)

Rebekah is a water baby through and through. She loved swimming and practiced kicking her feet. She would jump off the stairs in the pool to me.

Danior and Rebekah. Doesn't she look cute in the vest?

What a fun time! Thanks for inviting us!


Gigi said...

How cute everyone looks at the pool! Nice outfits -- good vest RL. Nice aloha shirt Danior. Like Katy;s swimsuit and Jonah's, too.

Bren said...

JM swim trunks are so darn cute!!!

Robert and Suzanne said...

You missed some action shots. The camera I loaned you functions uderwater up to 10 feet. Next time I want to see some underwater shots.

M. Sperber said...

They make board shorts that small???? That's way cool!!!!

Emma said...

I know all about wearing life vests at the store...we just got the kids some because they were 50% off...all three had them on until we got home. Isaac and Cosette even managed to wear them with their seatbelts all the way home!